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Washington DC Info is HERE!

8th graders will have the opportunity to go to our nation’s capital along with staff and chaperones next year on Memorial Weekend, May 24th-27th, 2024. We will be allowing parents to chaperone if interested as well.

The deadline to sign up will be September 30th, so you will have a few weeks to review the information provided and make a decision that best fits your family. We will take as many students and chaperones as we can, our only restriction is the amount of people on each bus. If we fill 5 buses and have 10 people on a 6th bus, the company will not run another bus until it is full enough to cover the cost of the bus. If we run into that, there will be a waitlist created. The last to register will be put on the waitlist until enough people sign up to fill another bus.

Before open house I shared the following slideshow with families that were able to attend the information session. I also passed out the packet attached from our tour company. Students were able to grab a packet from their Social Studies teacher in class on Friday as well.

As we get closer to the start dates for each of the fundraising opportunities, Ms. Sutherland and Mrs. Childs will send out an email giving more details about each of the fundraisers. Also, if you would like for your student to attend but you are financial unable to make it work, there are a few opportunities for students to receive a scholarship to attend. 

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me via email

Looking forward to a great trip!

Toni O’Connor