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Garden Clean-up

  Is gardening a relaxing activity to you?  Need to get outside for a break from your work/homeschooling? Trying to add an hour of outdoor time/exercise into your schedule?  Come to Hoover and help maintain our beautiful gardens!  Our Eco-Action team has worked so hard over the years to make the Outdoor Classroom and Biodiversity Gardens such a special area for our Hoover Rockets.   

  The plants from last year were purposefully left to provide habitat for overwintering pollinators as well as seeds and nesting materials for birds.  Now we are ready for some spring cleaning to get ready for this year’s pollinators!   If you are interested in helping out, please use the sign-up genius:  In light of the current situation, we will not be hosting any large-group clean-up days; instead we are asking families to pick an area to work in for one week.  That way, whenever the weather is right and it fits into your schedule, you can pop in and do some weeding!  By assigning a specific area, we can ensure that no two families will be working the same space at the same time.  You are more than welcome to select as many work weeks/areas as you’d like!  Our current sign-up goes through the end of May.  We are hoping to have things pretty well cleaned up by then so we can start planting pumpkins, beans, caterpillar host and nectar plants.  Thanks so much for helping to keep Hoover wild & beautiful!  The bees, birds & butterflies thank you, too!