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LPS Procedures for Positive COVID cases

LPS Procedures for Positive Cases

How Do I Report if My Child is Covid-Positive?

If your child has tested positive for Covid-19, please use the following steps to report to your child’s school:

1. Keep your child at home following a positive test result (as well as awaiting a test result)

2. Report your child’s absence to the school in one of following ways:

     a. Call your child’s school’s main office

     b. Email your child’s principal

   c. Fill out the “Report an Absence” form on   your child’s school website and be sure to indicate “Covid-19” under the CommunicableDisease section.

3. Please include “Covid Positive” in your absence reporting via phone call or email.

4. This will prompt a call to you from your child’s school, with further instructions.

5. Please have the date of symptom onset and the testing date available for school personnel. This will determine the return-to-school date for your child.

6. The quarantine period for a Covid-positive case has changed - please see the UPDATED COVID INFO here for details.