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LPS sets Return to Learn plans for 2020-2021

LPS Sets Return to Learn Plans for 2020-2021 

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The new school year will look different this year for students and staff in Livonia Public Schools.

LPS will begin the school year with a Safe Start September plan, which has students learning remotely, with their classroom teachers, through the month of September, followed by a gradual re-entry to in-person learning, beginning October 1, if COVID-19 case data supports this for our area, at that time. 

The district is also offering a long-term, fully online option called Livonia Virtual. Approximately 4,000 students out of the 14,000 total enrollment have opted for the Livonia Virtual program, which will utilize LPS teachers and align with the LPS curriculum. 

The Livonia Public Schools Board of Education unanimously approved the LPS Return to Learn plan on August 10. 

“We are happy to move forward with the implementation of our Return to Learn plans, as we know that the months of thoughtful and detailed work by our 200-plus member task force group and steering committee will enable us to reunite with our students in just a few weeks,” said Superintendent Andrea Oquist. “We may be starting from a distance with the remote learning, but we are optimistic that we will be able to bring our students back to in-person learning soon thereafter.” 

The district’s Return to Learn task force groups focused on key areas, including health and safety protocols via guidance from the MI Safe Schools Roadmap, Wayne County Health Department Roadmap for Schools, the Centers for Disease Control Guidance for Schools and the American Association of Pediatrics, among other resources. 

Some of the safety protocols for in-person learning include mandatory face coverings for all students in grades K-12 and all staff. Reducing class sizes, adding lunch periods and adding a sixth teaching section to secondary courses are measures being taken to reduce the number of students in a classroom. Alternative meeting spaces, such as outdoor areas, large meeting rooms and large activity spaces are also being considered for classroom use. Mandatory at-home health screenings for students; on-site health screenings for staff; and specific protocol from the Wayne County Health Department for reports of positive COVID-19 cases are also included in the health and safety measures that are in place. 

The groups also studied various instructional models for in-person and remote learning; special education and support services; social-emotional supports for students and staff; operations and instructional technology, along with extracurricular activities, to name a few. 

“We had excellent representation of our staff, parents, Board of Education members as well as representatives from each of our employee groups and union leadership, all of whom gave of their time and talents during the summer months to assist us in creating plans for the safest and most effective start to the new school year,” said Oquist. “Their work was detailed and deliberate, and we are proud of the Return to Learn plans that have resulted from this important work. We are excited to begin a new school year of building relationships and growing the minds and hearts of the students entrusted to us.  

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