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Congrats to LPS Educators & Support Staff of the Year!

LPS Celebrates Educator & Support Staff of the Year

If the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us anything, it is that we are stronger than we think and that together, we can do anything.

In Livonia Public Schools, it is a more than 40-year tradition to recognize staff who go above and beyond for students, staff and the community. The following exceptional staff members were selected by a committee in January and will be celebrated throughout the remainder of the school year.

Elementary Educator of the Year

Lorraine Giorgino

Lorraine Giorgino

Lorraine Giorgino is a physical education teacher at Webster Elementary and Cooper Upper Elementary. She is in her 27th year in LPS and was nominated by a colleague at Webster Elementary.

She is described as a veteran teacher who exudes tremendous energy, enthusiasm and creativity. She goes to great lengths to build relationships with students and works to connect students in the ACAT program with students in the ACT 18 program through a special offering called Unified Physical Education. Lorraine Giorgino is described as a team player with a quick smile, a pep in her step and arms that are always open to support her students and her colleagues. She cares for the physical, social and emotional needs of her students each day. Webster Principal Lora Boka describes her as “Webster’s ray of sunshine.”


Secondary Educator of the Year

Miriam “Mimi” Kass Higgins

Mimi Higgins

Mimi Higgins is a special education teacher at Holmes Middle School, who has been with Livonia Public Schools for 22 years. She was nominated by a Holmes Middle School parent.

She is described as a teacher who knows no bounds when it comes to caring for her students. She works closely with students and their families to determine the absolute best course for each individual student. Getting to truly know her students is something that comes very naturally for Mimi Higgins. She keeps in contact with former students, who often will come to visit, text her or give her a call to let her know that she changed the trajectory of their lives by taking such a genuine interest and giving all of her energy to them when she was their teacher. Her colleagues recognize that “everyone matters to Mimi.”


Support Staff of the Year

Pat Schuchardt

Pat Schuchardt

Pat Schuchardt is the supervisor of the Food and Nutritional Services Department and has been with Livonia Public Schools for nine years. She received two nominations from colleagues.

She is one of the “unsung” heroes in our school district who works tirelessly behind the scenes and manages dozens of food service staff throughout the district. She has high standards and believes that students are the department’s “customers.” During the spring school closure, due to COVID-19, Pat Schuchardt was truly remarkable in organizing and carrying out a first-ever curbside meal program for all students and families in our community. The result of her hard work meant LPS was able to distribute 264,364 meals to families during that three-month period, a time when families were struggling with the virus, job loss and general uncertainty. She is described by her supervisor as genuine and having that “can-do” spirit to get the job done.