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SHS Learning Online with LPS

Stevenson Families:

Please see attached the newest information regarding students' online learning.

Linked below are PDFs of:

SHS Learning Online with LPS Explanation
Learning Online with LPS Unit
Stevenson High School Daily Schedule

Updated 4/22/2020 5:00 PM with Grading Information

SHS Continuity of Learning Plan

Marking Period Grading Policy

  • Marking Period 3:   50% of letter grade counts towards semester 2 grade  

  • Marking Period 4:  50% of letter grade counts towards semester 2 grade

  • Traditional letter grades (A, B, C, D, E) for each class

There will be no final exams; however, there will be final assessments prepared by teachers about the essential learning standards in each course. These final assessments will be factored into the Marking Period 4 grade.

*For marking period 4, student grades for each class will be determined through their level of ENGAGEMENT, PARTICIPATION, and WORK COMPLETION/ASSESSMENT.

Semester Two Grading Policy

  • For each class, students will earn semester credit with either an "S" (satisfactory completion) OR a traditional letter grade (A, B, C, D, E).

  • An "S" does not impact a student's GPA.  It simply awards credit for that course towards their 23-credit graduation requirement.  A traditional letter grade does impact a student's GPA.  At the end of the semester and for each class, students will have an opportunity to decide whether to receive an "S" or a traditional letter grade, which will show on their official transcript.

  • For each class, students who did not pass marking period 3 and/or do not pass marking period 4, will be in jeopardy of not receiving academic credit for that class.  We understand extenuating circumstances may occur, especially with the current social situation.  We empathize and will work with our students and families as appropriate.  

          Dual Enrollment Policy

  • Dual Enrollment students are expected to download and turn in their semester final grade to their counselor.  Courses, including letter grade awarded, will be added to the student's transcript. 

  • Michigan Virtual students are expected to progress with their courses.  Students that earn a 60% or higher in the course will have an "S" added to their transcript for that course.