Webster Update for our Community from Mrs. Boka

Teacher and Bus Assignments 2020 Attachment

Dear Webster Families,  

As I have shared in past communications, I know these are challenging times for us all. I also acknowledge that our year together will look and feel different and to me that is scary and exciting at the same time. I always tell our students we grow the most from being a bit uncomfortable. So, let’s grow together in a way that is win-win for everyone.  

First a quick staffing update. As you are already aware, Mrs. Frame retired at the end of the year. In addition, Mrs. Gezahegn is taking a leave of absence to address family needs and Mrs. Barnes has decided to retire. These were such tough decisions for some truly amazing educators. I’m sure you will join me is wishing them all the best. I am currently in the process of hiring some additional staff for Webster to fill these vacancies.  

As always, our staff is committed to beginning the year building relationships with students and creating a positive, caring classroom culture. Over these next few weeks, teachers will be engaged in professional development with a focus on remote learning, setting up their classrooms and as always are looking forward to meeting their students. We will be working hard to maintain our amazing family feel whether you have chosen Livonia Virtual for your child or will be starting the year remotely and returning face to face. We will communicate with you often these next few weeks as we prepare for our Return to Learn.  We will be showing patience and grace to our staff, students and families as we work through the transition from remote learning to face to face. 

We may not know all the answers...but we do know that we are going to do everything possible to keep everyone safe, create the best learning environments possible, and show deep care for our students and staff every day!  Our Community With Character  and what we value as an LPS family will be more important than ever.   

I am sure you have many questions and we are working on answering these questions as quickly as possible. The LPS Dialogue will be coming out soon which will include critical dates, times and start of the year information.  We strongly recommend you continue to visit our district website and the Return To Learn page which has an informative FAQ. Our website houses the timeliest information about our back to school plans. 

Below are some additional details you may have on your mind:  

  • How can I get my yearbook from last year? Those families that purchased 19/20 yearbooks will be able to pick them up when we establish a schedule for Materials pick-ups and/or our Meet & Greet.   

  • School supply lists: We know you are all excited to receive school supply lists. We have posted a suggested list to our website and Facebook pages that apply to Face to Face but may be used during remote as well. I have also indicated some supplies needed for Livonia Virtual with the understanding that more may be added to this list.  

  • I need a Chromebook! A process for borrowing district technology will be shared on August 31, 2020. The goal is to have devices reserved for families that do not have adequate access for remote learning. There is no need to send email requests for mobile devices at this time.  

  • Teacher assignments: As in the past, teacher assignments will be available in Parent Connect after 4:00 pm on September 2, 2020.  See attached information about Teacher and Bus Assignments. You can also be sure to find a remote learning and Livonia Virtual teaching schedule shared over the next few weeks.  

I am excited to have my sidekick, the wonderful Mrs. Gulick back with me on Monday. She will be able to help you if you are having trouble with Parent Connect. At this time, we are asking families to make appointments if you should need to meet with us in person.  

Our school website is  https://www.livoniapublicschools.org/Domain/31 where we will post important information as well. In addition, you can always follow me on Twitter @WebsterPpal - I am still trying to get more followers than my kids so help a principal out! Stay tuned for more information to come regularly in the next few weeks. We are excited to move into our new normal together. Enjoy your remaining days of summer.  

Lora Boka