Safe Start September

Western Wayne Skill Center Return to Learn Information


Good Afternoon Parents and Guardians!
As you know, today is the first day of the 2020-2021 academic year where we have all (minus those who selected Livonia Virtual) of our students present. I want you to know that the students are doing an excellent job following all safety protocols. As a reminder, our mitigation measures include, but are not limited to the following:
  • We have staggered our arrival and dismissal times to reduce the number of students entering or exiting the building at one time to aid in social distancing. 
  • Students are using hand sanitizer as they get off the bus and as they enter the building.
  • Teachers and paraprofessionals are present in the hallways to ensure that students are maintaining safe distances from each other.
  • We have placed directional arrows in the hallways to allow for greater social distancing.
  • Classrooms are sanitized between AM and PM sessions.
  • High touch areas throughout the building are sanitized every four hours.
  • An electrostatic disinfectant mister is used in all classrooms on Tuesdays and Thursdays in the evenings.
  • Teachers have strategically arranged student desks to achieve maximum social distancing. No class will have more than 15 students in the room at one time.
  • Students are assigned to either the cafeteria, student lounge, or a large classroom for lunch. We will rotate this quarterly. We have staggered our lunch schedule to reduce the number of students in the lunch line at any one time. Tables and chairs are arranged in each location to maximize social distancing. Lunch tables are sanitized daily.
  • We are accessing our community work sites to the greatest extent possible. Some of our community partners aren't ready for us yet and in these instances, students are learning valuable work skills in the classroom.
  • While accessing community work sites, we are utilizing transportation services from our school district (Livonia Public Schools). The district is following the guidelines as presented to and approved by the Board of Education. Below, you will see protocols as they relate to transportation.
  • Transportation Bus drivers, paraprofessionals, other staff, and all students in grades preK-12 and post-secondary, if medically feasible, must wear facial coverings while on the bus. All buses will be equipped with hand sanitizing stations and use will be required before entering the bus. Buses will be cleaned and disinfected after the AM routes and again after PM routes. Windows and doors will remain open during cleaning. High touch areas will be disinfected between runs. Windows will be opened, weather permitting, while bus runs are being made. Any outside equipment/items brought onto any bus (ie: wheelchairs, adaptive equipment) must be cleaned and disinfected. Sick students and staff will follow the District protocol.(see COVID Case Specific Measures) The seating protocol when entering a bus will be to sanitize their hands, and have on their face covering. Buses will be loaded back to front (with the exception of Kdg). Buses will be dismissed from front to back.
  • While on the bus, students are wearing masks and are required to use hand sanitizer as they board. Students are also required to use hand sanitizer as they get off the bus. When possible, students are encouraged to sit one to a seat. When this is not possible, teachers assist students in finding a seat as they board from the back to the front. When students sit two to a seat, their seat partner will be from the same cohort (class).

As I mentioned in a previous email, our students are doing an amazing job following our strict safety protocols, which is a reflection of your efforts at home. On behalf of our school community, thank you for helping your student understand the importance of adhering to our safety protocols. 
While many things are different, our commitment to our mission has remained constant. We will continue to provide each student with individualized, engaging, and powerful learning opportunities designed to promote independence and a rewarding lifestyle. 
Have a wonderful weekend.
Dr. Mies
Patrick Mies, Ph.D.
Western Wayne Skill Center
Livonia Public Schools
The mission of the Western Wayne Skill Center is to provide each student with individualized, engaging, and powerful learning opportunities designed to promote independence and a rewarding lifestyle.
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