Online Registration

Online Registration for Fall


For the 2021-2022 school year, the Western Wayne Skill Center will be doing fall registration online.  We are asking families to please fill out the forms and submit them by June 18, 2021.  Click the link below to begin filling out the forms.


The following forms need to be filled out and submitted online:

-Student Information-This information is extremely important and it must include 2 emergency phone numbers, other than the parent/guardian.

-Medical Information

-Guardianship-A copy of Guardianship or Power of Attorney paperwork should be given to the school.

-Student Handbook-The link is found on our website.


-Student Website/Media Authorization Opt Out Form-If you do NOT want your student's picture to be posted in the media or on the website, please fill out this form.


Students will receive a letter at the end of August which will include their schedule, school calendar, and application for Free and Reduced Lunch.


If your student will be receiving Occupational or Physical Therapy services (IEP determined), a physician's prescription is required every year before these servies may begin.


If you have any questions regarding the necessary registration paperwork, please contact the main office  734.744.2810.